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Anonymous asked: I was afraid I'd made the worst decision of my life-- wasn't sure he really meant the words-- until I crawled into bed with him for the first time. While asleep, he reached for my hand and enclosed his fingers around mine, smiling in his dreams.

All this time since and I have never doubted.

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Anonymous asked: This boy..I don't know how to describe him. I'd never be able to do it right. We met my freshmen year, on the beach. He was a junior. He made me laugh while sitting in the sand and watching the tide. In, out, in, out. We ran around tackling each other, frolicking along the horizon. Something was made between us that night. I saw him again two days later, but everything was different. Our friends would tease us and his brother claimed to be in love with me. I was just a kid and he didn't have much interest in dating. We were awkward. We talked within the group, never adressing each other directly. Months went by like this, but I couldn't help but let my eyes linger on him when he finished a sentence. Any type of embrace was drawled just a little bit longer than it should have been. I was fixated. We both ignored it and went about our business. Eventually, I got a boyfriend and he got a girlfriend and we had forgotten that night in the sand. His brother used to walk his dog with me and one day, he decided to come with him. I don't know what made him come. A spark was reignited. We laughed and laughed that night and began to talk a little more. When sophomore year rolled around, he happened to be the TA for my spanish class. We made faces at each other from across the room and mocked the teach behind her back. But everytime the hour was up, I went to meet my boyfriend and he walked off with his friend. Outside of that classroom, we were different. Summer rolled around and we talked more and more. We began to IM each other daily and somehow, we ended up playing video games together alone every afternoon. My boyfriend broke my heart and the spark in his relationship was gone. We continued to talk endlessly and laugh just as much. But, again, neither of us would ever admit it. I had convinced myself I was just the little sister type and he convinced himself I'd never have mutual feelings. His friend asked me out on a date and giving up on him, I said yes. I dated him for a while but things fell short. We didn't laugh and love and excite each other. One night, while walking me home, we talked about that night at the beach that happened nearly three years ago. It made us both smile and blush awkwardly. He shoved me a little and shoved back, playfully. He called me a jerk and I called him a bully. He apologized and hugged me, but this hug changed everything. It was tender and close. He kissed my forehead and I looked up at him. In the moment, I knew he knew. He knew I knew. Nothing else was needed. He kissed me soft and short, but in a way so right that my knees went weak. Nearly one year later, and my knees still go weak. To think, a fire can burn for so long without you ever knowing it was there.

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Anonymous asked: I met him the summer before seventh grade. The moment he smiled at me I knew I
was in love, I'd never felt my heart beat so fast, and still haven't. I knew he
liked me but I was terrified of the way I felt about him, and terrified because
I knew he felt the same. At the same time, though, every girl that ever met him
was in love with him so I figured it was pointless. Then one day he walked up to
me and simply stated "one day, you're going to be my girlfriend" I thought my
heart was going to explode. We were very close (literally it took me about ten
steps to get to his house) and we talked nearly every day. In eighth grade he
asked if he could kiss me and, still terrified, I said no. A few weeks later he
gave me a hug at school and before he walked away he kissed my neck. I can still
feel his lips there to this day. He would always do things like hold my hand or
try to get me to kiss him, he was entirely too confident for the eighth grade.
Then high school started and we didn't exactly have the same friends so I only
really saw him at family events but still every time I saw him my heart pounded
inside my chest so loud I was afraid he'd here it. Like I said I rarely saw him
but I still had visions of us getting married some day because I knew he had
always loved me and I had always loved him. A little over two months ago I saw
him and he smiled his heart melting smile and hugged me and again my heart
nearly leapt out of my chest. The next morning I got a phone call saying that he
was dead. The boy that I had loved every day for five years was gone and I'd
never see him again. I guess the worst part is that I knew exactly how he felt
about me all that time, and I didn't even bother to tell him that I felt the

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e-mndza asked: I saved what he wrote: "I want to sit on the A-Train express to Manhattan with you, listening to the Beatles sharing an iPod, one earphone for you, one for me. I want to get dressed up in a suit and go to the Nutcracker with you; front orchestra seats. I want to split Chinese food with you, watching the cars ten or so floors down. I want to wake up in the middle ofthe night, on a Winter Sunday, and bring the blanket outside and share a cup of coffee. I want to surprise you at work with flowers and those shoes you had been eyeballing all season, just because. I want to put on Sinatra and dance with you in the living room of our little house on 42nd. I want to hold your hand, just because. I'll do the laundry, as long as flip your socks right-side-out. I'll help you put on your chapstick in the Fall. I'll write in special dates on the calendar we'll make on one of our arts-n'-crafts days; we'll make our own holidays and celebrate them in the years to come. We'll visit your family in your hometowm, and I'll wear a sweater to hide my tattoos (and my amazingly strong muscles, which I got from giving you piggy-back-rides in the park). When it's raining, we'll walk under one umbrella. In the Spring, I want to clean the whole house blasting Bob Dylan, and maybe the Strokes; but probably the Ramones. I'll kiss you on the cheek, just because. I'll always give you massages when you're sore. I'll play guitar for you, and try my hardest to sing. I'll play with your hair if you give me kiss-coupons. Let's have movie nights. I'll read to you: poetry or novels or whatever. We can get pedicures and manicures, so my hands and feet are neat and clean. We can go and buy four or five magazines and read them together. I'll take off all your straw-wrappers for you and put them in your drink while you aren't looking; I'll open doors for you, just because. Let's get a record player and collect vinyls together. In the Summer, I'll bust the cap off of the fire hydrant and we'll all have a block party outside -- we'll have your favorite soda. Just because." It was the epitome of all I've ever loved and wanted. We didn't even date.

I've been in love for 22 months with someone who is nearly the absolute polar opposite of the guy who wrote all of that. We share a different kind of love. It isn't superficial, and it can't really be described by cute adjectives. It all began when he told me it was cute that I chew my milkshakes.

beautifully written

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illbeyourwonderland asked: He came 2,135 miles for me to tell him I wanted to be just friends.

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britduke asked: i was dating a kid named matt in the summer of 2008, and it was going all wrong, and so i started to spill my problems to my brother's friend Shaun. it was never in "that" way though, i wouldnt do that. eventually, i broke up with matt, leaving me with no date for the junior prom. so i asked shaun as friends, (he later told me that he was really hoping it'd turn into more than that) .. and then, in october it did :)

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Anonymous asked: I broke my first heart a few weeks back.

It hurts me, so it must hurt him so much more.

the only way to fix love is with more love

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arielcpineda asked: Ah, another love story, ready? Haha, okay. This one is very long... We met in 9th grade when he had baby fat and had his hair long, and after then I would track his hair cuts but that comes later haha. 9th grade, I stared at him too much across the room in biology and did the kid thing and told my friend to tell him that I liked him. They did and the staring continued. Was I staring too much? Or was he actually looking back as well? April 1st, a guy in our class told me that Chris (that's his name) liked me, but I definitely did not believed it. The guy told me that Chris had plans to ask me out but was too scared. The next day during algebra (Chris and I also had that class together) he mouthed the words "will you go out with me". I said yes, of course. For the next months that were left of school we sat together at lunch and tried to make conversation but mostly sat in silence or talked about the weather. We held hands everywhere though and he would rest his hand around my waist. I knew absolutely nothing about him as he knew nothing about me. We hung out once outside of school which is now called a time "we don't speak of". Second day of sophomore year I saw him at lunch and hid, we ate lunch together the first year and I was a complete bitch because I didn't have the guts to just call it quits. Fast forward (I'm trying to make this a VERY abridged version haha), all through out high school we had a class together and I was still very intrigued and attracted to him. And the staring would never stop, but the awkward moments intensified. Of course, we would get paired together to work on projects and what not. I would even stalk him, because I wanted to know soo bad who was this boy that I went out with. I asked my friends about him to find out as much as I could. All I wanted was a second chance, to really give it a try. He was just unavoidable. Towards the end of junior year he started the smile and say a few sentences to me, I, I was just very confused. The second to the last day of classes I was in his class "signing my friend's yearbook" (just trying to look at him) and he asked me what I was doing on the last day of school. We went out to lunch and talked and the whole time I had no idea why? Why were we getting lunch? Does he just want to be friends so we won't have these awkward run ins anymore?? I even asked him and he wasn't clear. I took a polaroid of him and he wrote his phone number on it. I gave him mine as well. The next day, I was turning in books when I ran into him (he told me that he turned in all his books the day before). He said he just had a few books and then asked for my phone number again because he lost it. **later on I found out that he walked from his house to our school three times at 6am just because he lost my number and wanted it again but thought I wouldn't be there... so that's why he walked back so much haha, oh and it's a half hour walk** June 21, 2008 a little past 12:00am, he calls me while I'm at some park with my friends and asks me... "yes, Ariel, would you be my girlfriend?". The first four months were hard, he didn't know what it felt like to be so loved, I think he was terrified of it. It was all so new, for me too. In the first month, after he told me he was thinking of breaking up with me, he told me that he loved me. We stayed together, but I did not say it back. I mean would you? Haha!! I felt it, but I was so confused and lost in not only that day but just so many other things. I eventually said it, and damn I wish I knew when but I sadly don't. But I didn't make him wait that long. During our whole senior year my parents, my dad made it a living HELL for us. For me. It was bad, really bad. But we fought back and he supported me as I fought my solo battles at home with my father. We snuck out to see eachother, he would take his parents car at night so I would sneak into his house and sleep with him and then we would wake up at 5am and sneak me back into my place and out of his. I had school at 7am. We used high school to our advantage, we went on dinner dates when he went on field trips, we had lunch in the photo room so we could have our time alone. I watched him fall in love with the dark room. I taught him how to do double exposures and he said I'm the reason why he even enrolled in photography, because he would then be able to talk to me about it. We definitely took advantage of high school. Towards the end, around college time... I knew he had UC Santa Cruz in his mind (8 hours from the LA area where we live). It didn't hurt me, until it became a reality. He was denied but then got in. I wish for him to get in. And it came true. He was also offered a really good deal with Berkeley. He would just have to stay at a close community college down here, this is what I wished he would do. But, I knew in his heart he chose Santa Cruz. He told everyone that was where he was going but told me he was still thinking of his options. I told him one day that I already knew that he decided. I turned bad, I begged almost everyday for him to stay. Begged. I turned desperate and pathetic. I lost myself... and to this day I do not remember who I was before that. He told me he would find a way and he regretting making that decision and he would talk to his parents about it, but he left. Before he left he made the plan that in two years I would transfer out of my community college to Santa Cruz and we would live together, this is what literally kept me alive. Fast forward to about seven months ago. I came up with a plan to shorten his two year plan to seven months. So about in January I think, I asked him if we could find an apartment together for the coming up school year, so in September. Hopefully this isn't confusing. He said yes. We had seven months to make everything work. I talked to my job about transferring stores, they said yes. I applied to a community college up there, got in and picked out classes. He talked to his parents day by day and worked on getting them on our side. It worked, not completely but they said they knew we were going to try this no matter what. But, my parents... my father. We decided to put off telling them til we had actual knowledge of what was going to happen because we wanted to show them how serious we were about this and didn't want to seem like two kids with a little silly idea. We waited. We found an apartment in our price range and the lady loved us, I talked on the phone with her and he of course saw the place and met her. He said it was huge, with a sky light and lots of natural light. The day before we were going to sign the lease, his parents said no and everything fell. I fell harder and deeper. We, fell hard. It all went back to waiting two years. It's now one year of course, but. Months of getting things done and talking and writing about how nice it's going to be, gone. He's getting an apartment of his own though (which still hurts) so that when I move up there we will for sure have a place. His parents saw how bad it hurt him, and I, so they're completely on our side. They said they will work with me, and my parents, and help us move. They know we need this. They want to get me out of here, and get us together. Why did they say not then? Because I have a bad relationship with my parents and everything was just, we needed more time to have everyone on our side. So, I'm no longer going to wait to tell my parents. We want to give them a whole year in advance, not a couple of months. So, now, present time, we have been together for about 2 years and 2 months. We get each other camera presents and I write him love letter on flickr and he writes stories and lets me read them. He rides the bus at 8 in the morning to see me and deals with my parents. He says he has a big surprise for me in the future but won't tell me when in the future. He says "every day I spend with you the more and more it gets finished". I can only imagine since he won't give my any hints. He said once he had a dream about it and he woke up with watery eyes. He's down for summer break, so we're just spending as much time as we can together. But it's hard to know that we could have been leaving together. But, I can't think of that. All I know is that in a years time we will be living together. He will make me french toast and I will make apple turnovers. I will take pictures and so will he. We will inspire each other every day. And that this time, no one will hold us back, they will be on our side, even if my parents fully aren't. We joke around and say if he's gone at the supermarket for too long I might start crying. But, I have never felt the future so clearly. I promise you, right now, I feel us older and together. I feel us reading a letter that I wrote for him to read in the future. I feel him looking over my shoulder as I feel out loud. I feel us living our lives together, doing more zoo trips and museums. I feel weight on my finger.


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Anonymous asked: Im with my dad during christmas and summer, and thats when i only get to see him. We're not a "couple", but i really dont want anyone else.

you don’t need anyone else

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bluebirdsheart asked: We never meant to be anything, we became connected through passing glances and shared laughter and suddenly I realized there was no way we'd be able to make this a passing fling. He picked me up off the floor and I showed him what it was like to be close to someone. We come from different cultures and backgrounds and crossed every bridge like it was nothing. We spent every minute we could together for seven months and now he is across the country and in 12 days we will be together again.